Tuesday, August 9, 2011

100 for 100

It has been 33 days since we have seen our son.  Thirty-three days since the morning in the park that we pushed him in a swing and held him on the see-saw.  Thirty-three days since he curled his little fist under his little chin and put his sleepy head on our shoulders while we carried him back to the orphanage.   Thirty-three days since we kissed his sweet cheek and told him we loved him.   Thirty- three days since he heard our voice promise him that we would be back as soon as we could to bring him to the family that God designed for him.   And every day since then has been nothing more than one step closer to bringing our son home. 
I have gone to sleep every night thinking about Roman.  I have woken up every morning thinking about Roman.  I can't wait for the day I can read the same book five times in a row before he will go to sleep.  I crave being woken up in the middle of the night to a child who needs nothing more than for me to pull him in my arms and rock him until he feels safe enough to fall asleep.  I look forward to shampoo beards and mohawks.  I'm excited to have every pot and pan pulled out in the kitchen for a makeshift drum set.  I even long for grocery store trips to be nothing short of an adventure.  I want my life to be governed by parks and coloring books and sippy cups and toy trucks.  And we are closer than we have ever been to having all of this.   I married my very best friend and I love him more every single day, but there is still a void for both of us in our little family.  And God is filling that hole with a precious blue-eyed baby who is more than we could have asked for.  He gives so generously.
Today we received in the mail the form that we needed from Homeland Security approving our petition to adopt.  This form was supposed to take four to six weeks and it only took eight days.  Praise the LORD!  Provided everything else goes as smoothly, we should  be travelling back to Russia get Roman around the first part of September.  We have been so blessed in this entire process and we are continually being astounded every single day.  There is only one more obstacle to overcome.  It is a huge mountain to us, but we also know that it is, at the heart of the matter, nothing more than an opportunity to watch the LORD work and grow our faith even more.    Roman's referral came at the exact right moment it was supposed to come, but, nevertheless, it came about four months earlier than what we expected and consequently, what we had budgeted for.  We need to raise $10,000 for the orphanage fees, court costs, travel arrangements and hotel bills.   $10,000 is a big mountain to climb, but we have just descended the  $35,000 mountain God built on Scentsy, teddy bears, "Ride for the Russian", "Change a Life" and the  books, clothes and other items we have sold.  There have been so many of you who have kept up with our story and who have been so incredibly generous with us through this entire process.  And I don't just mean the amount that you have given, but rather the sacrifice that you have made to give.  Brock and I are completely humbled by this.  When we started this adoption process, we wanted it to be debt free with it.  God always has all the money you need to do what He has called you to do.  And time after time, so many of you have been the fingerprints of God to us to provide for us.  But not just for us.  You have provided for an innocent child, halfway around the world.  A baby whose birthmother-an orphan herself- didn't know how to have a family so she placed her sweet son in the only environment that she herself had ever known.  We were told that is the vicious cycle of so many orphans.  But through your prayers, encouragement and support, you are breaking that chain for Roman's generation.   We cannot thank you enough.  Even though we are the ones who were called to be his parents, you have been the ones who have helped change his life. 
We have one final fundraising campaign.  100 for 100.  We are asking for God to call 100 people who would be willing to donate $100 so we can bring Roman home.  Would you be willing?  I know $100 is a lot of money (and believe me, we won't turn away a partial $100 gift either!) but $100 brings Roman closer to his forever home.  Below is a list that we are excited to watch God fill up.  If you give, you can either choose to have us list your name or, if you are more comfortable, you can give us a special message for Roman for your number.   Email me at puddinwilliams77@yahoo.com if you want to participate.  So many of you have already done so much and we are so incredibly and unbelievably grateful.  You have allowed God to work through you in ways that that are indescribable.  Pray about this opportunity to be a part of changing Roman's life.  And if you cannot give, please send us a message letting us know that you are praying for us in this final stage. One more mile and our family will be complete for this season.   
1.  Rick and Frances
2.  Anonymous -trwf
3. "We love you, Roman and are excited to play a part of building the bridge to your new home"  Bammie & Papa
4.  Anonymous-bpf

5.  "We thought Roman needed his mommy and daddy more than we needed a couple calorie-laden meals out to eat"  Anonymous

6 Anonymous gg

7  Anonymous

8  Anonymous

9  Anonymous

10  Anonymous

11.  Anonymous-mk

12.  Anonymous-wcm

13.  Anonymous-2

14.  "Roman, I can't wait to touch you!" Grandma MO
15. Anonymous
16. Anonymous
17. Anonymous
18. Anonymous
19. Anonymous
20. Janet & Gene
21. Anonymous-twf
22. "Welcome Home, Roman"  Mary Ann & Travis
23. "We can't wait to meet you Roman!!"  Baba E, Uncle Dave, Joshua & Isaac
24."We are so excited about you!"  The Newman Family
25. Advance Assisted Living

26  Holly Ruser
27. Eddy & Paula Eubanks
28  TBWF
29.  Love, Nanny
30.  Roman, you are such a blessing by God's design. You have wonderful parents and we can't wait to spend time with you! Kunze Family
31.  Jerrod & Beth Murphy
32.  Anonymous-talf
33.  Anonymous CDB
34  Anonymous CEF
35  Anonymous DTH
36.  Leslie Stephens, Shelter Insurance, Ironton, MO
37.  Merissa Madden, Shelter Insurance,
38.  Uncle Cheerios
39.  "We can't wait for you to come stay at our house, Roman!"  Renae Holzem
40  Anonymous-LTBC
41  Anonymous-CDB
42.  "Uncle" Kevin Block
43.  Anonymous bcf
44.  Anonymous YCB
45.  "Come be a TIGER with us at a game.  Welcome to TIGER Country Roman!  Love, Harper and Reid"
46.  Anonymous-csf
47.  Anonymous KRF
48.   Anonymous psc
49.  Anonymous-vg
50.  Jim Eubanks

51.  Anonymous-cg
52.  Anonymous-v2

53.  Anonymous v2
54  anonymous cn
55.  Anonymous-pjg
56.  Anonymous-THF
57. Anonymous ltw
58. Anonymous-bdf
59.  Anonymous-jw
60.  Anonymous-jec
61.  Anonymous-kra
62.  Anonymous-mdsw
63.  Anonymous kf
64.  Anonymous
65.  Anonymous
66.  Anonymous
67.  Anonymous
68  Anonymous JHF
69  Anonymous maba
70.  Anonymous cjh
71.  Anonymous msl
72.  Anonymous sbl
73.  WWC Church
74.  Anonymous
75. Anonymous
76.  Anonymous
77.  Anonymous
78.  Anonymous caf
79.  Anonymous 1/2-s  Anonymous wcm
80  Anonymous sce

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