Monday, June 25, 2012

Give a Buddy to an Orphan for only $20

When we left Russia this last time, we left a few things for Daniel as gifts, one of which was we little Scentsy stuffed animal.  When we gave the stuffed animal to the caregiver, she told us how cute and soft it was and then she said that since she couldn't give one to all the children, she would put it on a shelf and let him play with it a little each day.  Daniel wouldn't be able to sleep with it, though.  We completely understood, but it got me thinking....

Why can't every single child have their very own stuffed animal?  The baby home in which Daniel lives has a little over 100 children all under the age of four.  It tugs at my heart to think not only do these precious babies have nothing in the world to call their very own, but also that there is no soft little cuddly stuffed animal to hold while they close their eyes and drift to sleep.  Brock and I have been extremely blessed to have so many of you follow our story, pray for us and help us fulfill our dream of being a parent.  We are asking you to consider blessing an orphan in a small way. 

As most of you know, I have sold Scentsy for the sole purpose of raising money to help with our adoption costs.  In addition to the warmers and wax, Scentsy also has "Baby Buddies"-cute and soft little stuffed animals with a special pouch for a scented sachet.  Our goal is to be able to take 130 Baby Buddies to the orphange when we go back next month to pick our son up and bring him to his forever home.  We are asking you to be a part of blessing these children in this special way.  For $20, you can buy a Baby Buddy for an orphan.  We leave on the 18th, so I need orders collected NO LATER THAN JULY 5TH JUST TO BE SAFE!!!

You can give a Buddy to a Baby in one of three ways:

Click on the Donate button on the blog at  follow the instructions and donate $20 and include "Baby Buddy" in the note section.  If there is a particular Buddy you'd like to have given in your name, you can specify that, too!

Mail a check for $20 with a note for Baby Buddy to:
Ashley Williams
PO Box 86
Bloomfield, MO 63825

Go to and pick your buddy and ship to
Ashley Williams
312 E Shawnee
Bloomfield, MO 63825
(This way it will cost a little more because you will have to pay for shipping and tax.  The other two ways, we are covering those costs ourselves)

Thank you so much!  I absolutely cannot wait to see the look in these children's eyes when they get to pick out their very own stuffed animal!

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