Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day Four

Nothing new.  No new new news.  I can't even begin to explain the level of frustration at the uncertainity.

We did find out from Andrei in St. Petersburg that the judge and the prosecutor are  working completely within the parameters of the laws of the Russian Federation.  Logically, I know that these two ladies have a job to do in making sure that we will be good parents to this little Russian boy.  Emotionally, I feel run over.  I'm not mad at Russia.  In fact, we have found Russia to be a beautiful country with a rich heritage that we will be proud to tell Roman about as he grows older.  The Russians we have met have been some of the kindest and most compassionate people we have ever met-considering the relatively small (but growing) amount of time we have been around them.  We are just ready for this process to be over.  We are ready to have our little boy home. 

I have begun praying a little differently today.  We are still asking God to work in the hearts of the judge and the prosecutor.  But my more feverent prayer right now is that God would do whatever is best for the little boy He loves more than I can even imagine.  We want so much to have him home.  But at the root of it, it's not about us.  Roman needs a family.  The social worker at the baby home told the court that 7% of children who graduate from the orphanages make it.  That's 93% who turn to crime, suicide, prostitution, drugs.  Every day that Roman wakes up in a baby home (even one that provides the exceptional care that Roman is receiving) he falls further and further behind.  Language delays.  Emotional delays.  Delays in bonding.  I know what the Bible says about God's heart towards orphans.  So, we are praying that God does what is best for Roman and peace while He is doing it. 

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