Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We Get to See Roman tomorrow!!

We have just arrived in Murmansk after a very uneventful but extremely long day of travel. It is 11 PM on Tuesday night here and, aside from brief snippets of naps here and there, we haven't slept very much in the last 36 hours. But we are doing just fine!

When we arrived at the airport, our ever faithful Tatiana and Dennis were waiting with big smiles and open arms. It's beginning to feel like we have a family over here, too! Her eyes grew wide at the two big suitcases we packed and I quickly explained that one of the bags was full of clothes and diapers for the baby home. Our plan was to send the items with the Director after court on Thursday since we had not planned to go back to Kandalaksha on this trip. She then told us that this morning the secretary of the court had contacted her this morning to make sure we were still coming and that she was "sure we would want to spend more time with Roman before court." Tatiana, the quick thinker that she is, said that we were extremely disappointed that we were having to arrive so close to the court date but flights to Russia are very expensive and it usually takes three or four weeks to book one. She said we had had trouble finding a flight, but that, even with just one day between court and our arrival we were still trying to find a way to see Roman. Then, Tatiana spent a lot of time (from what I inferred, she did not act the martyr) finding the least expensive route to Kandalaksha, arranged for a driver down and then we will ride back with the ladies going to court with us on Thursday. We leave at 6:30 AM. Not enough time to sleep, but I am so incredibly grateful that we get to see our son again!!! Tatiana apologized several times, but why should she be sorry for something that is so wonderful? So, tomorrow we leave with just a driver who does not know English to go to a baby home where a few of the caregivers know minimal English, to spend time with a baby who has captured our heart and then leave Kandalaksha on Thursday morning at 6:30 AM to arrive to court by 10 AM. Oh, the places we'll go!

Remember to keep us in your prayers. Pray that somehow, in spite of the language barriers, we will be able to communicate everything we need to in the next two days. Pray that God would bless our too few hours of sleep with deep and restful slumber and pray that our time with that sweet little boy would crawl by so we can enjoy every single minute to the fullest.

So, for now, goodnight and our next blog will posted after court on Thursday as we will not have internet access in Kandalaksha....which is just fine with us. More time to rest our weary heads.

One final thought: Thank you again to the people God used to provide for the trip. When we were told the cost to have the driver take us back down to Kandalaksha, we weren't worried about extra cost, but so incredibly grateful that our God had already provided.

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